October 20, 2019

10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like A Hotel

If you returned from a vacation to a messed-up home and end up wishing you could make it look as good as the hotel with cloud-like cushions, and feathery robe, then don't book another escape right now. These top 10 ways can help your home achieve a luxury look of the hotel with no major decor investments.

1. Pick a Color Palette

Choose a color palette that will pull your home together and gives the feel of a hotel room. Some hotels have a white feel that is loved by most of us. A neutral palette keeps your room versatile and allows your base color to stand out as a dynamic focal point, for example, delicate grays and breezy creams. However, the colors you use in your home are totally up to you.

2. Big Curtains

The spanning of the curtain is a luxurious presentation to the hotel room. The big curtains completely cover external light from entering your room. Install curtains that accurately cover the windows and flow from the ceiling to the floor.

3. Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Installing wall-to-wall carpet makes the room look larger, and the floor covering will give solidity and natural luxury to your space just like a hotel room.

4. Fresh Floral Arrangements and Candles

One of the most impressive arrangements that can make your home feel like a hotel is to leave out fresh flowers mainly in the living room and bedroom. While we’re on the topic of smells, make sure you’ve got lovely scented candles too.

5. Well Organised Space

Hotel rooms look elegant and stylish are always uncluttered. This can be difficult to achieve in your own home. Use clever storage solutions and hide away all your clutter for a spacious, organized and simple living space.

6. White Sheet for Bedding

When walking into a hotel room, the first thing you will notice is the crisp white sheets on the bed. Thus using a white sheet will give the classy hotel-like appearance to your bedroom.

7. Bathrobe and Slippers

Using a deluxe bathrobe and slippers can help you to relax and feel pampered. Use solid and neutral colored mostly white to get the ultimate hotel-like experience within your home.

8. Fluffy Towels

One of the many factors that create the ultimate luxury experience for hotel guests is the towels. Get some big, fluffy, posh, and white ones and pamper yourself with this luxury.

9. Coffee Brew

Get yourself a Nespresso machine and some cute little cups and enjoy the coffee you brew at the hotel room.

10. Gorgeous Scent

Recreate the aromatic feeling making your home smell just like a luxury hotel! Use oil in a diffuser or air freshener to give your home a specific fragrance signature. Make sure it synchronizes the scents so that they blend seamlessly across the home.


We hope you have fun trying out these amazing tips by Whitespot Cleaning Services, so that you get an ambiance more like you’re stepping into the luxury hotel every time you walk through your own home!


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