August 6, 2020

5 habits you can adapt today to keep your house clean for longer

We always have this instinct to do almost everything ourselves when it comes to our home. Although we know there is a limit to things a person can do in the limited hours in a day. Looking after your house cleaning can easily slide down the priority list.

In this blog, we will inform you of 5 habits you can adopt to keep you house cleaner more often.

1. Closing all dust/grout channels:

Dust and grout can seep in easily through the corners of the house. Places like below the door, sides of the windows and even ac vents, dust keeps coming in. Close all dust and grout channels around the house as and when you notice them.

2. Cleaning up utensils and clothes:

It can be very tough keeping everyone in the house happy but to ensure your house is cleaner for longer, you have to make sure everyone washes their dishes as soon as they are used. Alongside this, as soon as clothes get dirty, everyone should put them in the laundry room (preferable in the washing machine). This will atleast there is no direct dirt in the house. In Dubai, it is always, we are always rushing from one thing to another, and things that need cleaning keep piling up.

3. Light dusting and vacuuming:

You should try to dust the furniture and vacuum carpets atleast once a day. Dust tends to leave its mark on the house if not cleaned on daily basis. Your furniture, your electronic devices, your precious items are always at risk of getting dirty and eventually be unusable with every going day. Light dusting every day will help reduce the risks. House cleaning plays a very important role when it comes to rejuvenating life of all household items.

4. Use proper equipment:

Using proper equipment to clean up the house is essential. If you make it a habit to use the right equipment to clean the right place in the house, your house will remain clean for longer periods. You cannot use a duster in the bathroom as it will not only ruin your bathroom, but it would render the duster unusable.

5. Hire a regular house cleaning service:

You can always get more done if you have a helping hand. Many clients book a regular cleaning with us with is a good practice as it ensures that your house is always tidy. Whitespot provides professional home cleaning service in dubai which is priced reasonably while remaining effective.

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