September 15, 2023

5 must required cleaning supplies for the perfect home cleaning service!

We live in a world where there are several options for each specific task. You can easily remove a stain from your sofa by using detergent, shampoo, or soap, professionals will use shampoo with a steam machine so there are no stains once the cleaning is completed. Therefore as a professional cleaning company in dubai, we ensure the right cleaning supplies are being used.

Below the top 5 cleaning supplies we use for the perfect home cleaning service in dubai:

  1. Portable and Adjustable Vacuum Cleaner:

At Whitespot, we used custom made vacuum cleaners which are both portable and adjustable. With usual vacuum cleaners, difficult places become hard to reach. Like the area behind your TV or underneath your bed. Dust and sand keeps piling on if you don’t remove it regularly.

  1. Long range floor wiper:

A cleaning service requires a proper wiper which does its job of wiping the floor and other surfaces appropriately. At Whitespot, we use branded wipers which make cleaning up surfaces of apartments and villas much easier. The wipers we use long handle covering a wide range on a surface. Our maids in dubai are able to wipe bathroom wall tiles also with it if required.

  1. Wet Duster:

A professional cleaning company has specific methods and processes to remove the dust of the surfaces of your home because if not removed properly it can cause several allergies and respiratory problems. We use the classic technique of using a wet duster to wipe sand and dirt from all surfaces.

  1. Durable Sprayer:

A cleaners most important tool is their sprayer and wiper. While most cleaning services in dubai use regular plastic sprayers but we at Whitespot use a specially designed fiber based sprayer which greatly affects the productivity of the maids in dubai.

  1. Absorbent Mop:

Post the vacuuming the mopping of the floors is the most important part of the service as it gives the home that clean feel. The mop that we use at our maid service in dubai is portable and flexible enough to reach difficult areas of the floor.

Whitespot also provides quality deep cleaning service in dubai, alongside various maintenance options like painter, carpenter, plumber, ac duct cleaning and generic handyman in dubai. Call 800972 to book now!

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