September 1, 2020

5 reasons why home schooling mothers need a helping hand

Since March 2020 more and more parents are deciding to home school their kids to avoid the dangers of the Coronavirus or COVID19. Alongside the fact that distance learning for kids has becoming increasingly popular amongst Dubai residents. In this blog, we explore 5 reasons on why home schooling mothers need a helping hand.

Too many thing, too little time:

Raising kids in itself is a very difficult ask. From keeping them tidy and clean, to feeding appropriate amount of nutrients to make sure they are healthy. Then there is preventing them from accidents, shopping for them and the list goes on. If you add homeschooling to the list, mothers get no time to get regular home chores done. Therefore hiring a professional maid in dubai can become a necessity.


To be honest, engaging with your kids everyday to home school them can be very entertaining but as kids they are bound to make a mess where ever they are. If your place in not cleaned regularly, it might cause hygiene issues. A helping hand can be particularly effective when it comes to keeping your house clean and hygienic.

Large areas to cover

Living in areas like Damac Hills, Business Bay or Dubai Marina, can mean that you live in an apartment or villa which are too much for one person to clean up. If you are homeschooling a child, it becomes increasing tricky to cover all areas regularly. A helping hand with home cleaning is the answer.

Lack of time

If you are home schooling your child, we are sure you don’t have any time for yourself. You make sure the child is fed, educated, clothed after that you have to feed the whole family, make sure the home is clean and tidy. This occupies 100% of your every day. Having a helping hand could mean a well deserved time for you.

Attention to what is important

Focusing on home schooling your child is vital. But it can often be a distraction from some of the most important tasks that you may have to do. Therefore, if you have a helping hand you can easily delegate the tasks and work on what’s most important for you.

In the end, Moms are almost always home maker; the added responsibility of home schooling can be extremely tough. Therefore, mothers deserve a helping hand. For all home chores like cleaning, laundry, call Whitespot at 800972. All our maids in dubai are trained and trustworthy.

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