July 2, 2020

5 Techniques our specialists use to disinfect offices

Whitespot is among a handful companies licensed by Dubai Economy Department for Disinfection and Sanitization services. Apart from this, we are also a Dubai Municipality approved cleaning company. Therefore, when it comes to home disinfection or office disinfection, we are experts. As professionals, we have devised processes and techniques to make sure you are safe and secure.

In this blog, we would like to inform you about the 5 techniques we use for office disinfection.


The first and most important step towards disinfection is to disinfect the specialists with fogging machines. This includes washing and disinfecting hands and clothes that will be used during the whole process.

Disinfectant Chemical:

At Whitespot, we use bacteria and virus killing disinfectant chemicals approved by Dubai Municipality. Therefore, when our specialists come for your office disinfection, you can be assured that we use powerful, odour free disinfectant chemicals.

Fogger Machines:

We use powerful fogger machines to reach the most difficult locations with the office premises. These foggers ensure that all surfaces are disinfected with appropriate chemicals.

Reaching Difficult Surfaces:

At Whitespot, we use customized equipment to reach difficult areas within the office. Areas like beneath the tables, inside chair handles etc are very difficult to reach, so our specialists use custom-made equipment to reach those areas as well.

Post Disinfection Cleaning:

Although, the disinfectant chemical that we use is odourless and skin friendly, a cleaning service is required post disinfection.

In conclusion, if you require a professional office disinfection service in Dubai, please get in touch with us at 800972. We also provide home cleaning service, filipino maids service, deep cleaning service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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