December 29, 2019

5 ways to keep your bathroom sparkling clean

Your home can be a Shangri-la or a garbage dump based on how you decide to keep it. When cleaning up your house, the bathroom is toughest spot to clean. You need to disinfect it, scrub it, empty the trash can to name a few, but there isn’t an overall guideline how to keep it sparkling for longer periods in Dubai, UAE. Be it home cleaning or deep cleaning, a few pointers in the right direction are helpful.

Here are 5 ways to keep your bathroom sparkling clean:


Your sink can be a nasty place as it is constantly in use by your family. Be it early morning face washes, mid-day lunch hand washing, evening dental care or any other form of desensitization through water, the sink is most important place to keep tidy. Always maintain a scrubber near by the sink and clean it every chance you get.

Bathroom Mirror:

Your bathroom mirror can be a source of germs and bacteria as it is always near water. You will need to a newspaper, but before you swipe the mirror you will need to spray the mirror with anti-septic liquid and before the liquid falls on the ground you should swipe your mirror with the newspaper.

Towels and Toilet Amenities:

Things like towels, toilet paper, soaps, shampoos etc also create a positive or negative vibe for your bathroom. For towels, you should either replace or laundry clean each one of them, you can also use 3 x 3 method, meaning at a time you can have useable towel, one in the laundry and one spare in case of emergencies. For soaps, shampoos, you should replace them atleast one a month to keep your family healthy.

Dry Floor:

A wet bathroom floor can cause a lot of problems, like slippery floor, bacterial infestation, among other things. It is essential that you keep the floor dry at all times and make sure that you clean your floors regularly.

Bath Tub:

In your bathroom, cleaning your bath tub is the highest priority because it is used frequently to clean up after ourselves.

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