December 10, 2020

Be Smart. Sanitize.

As the pandemic COVID-19 enters the second year of existence and the devastating effects it has had on our daily lives including lockdowns, masks, restricted gatherings to name a few. The good news is that 3 new vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and Sputnik are being produces at large scale and will be made available as early as Jan-Feb 2021. It is obvious that priority will be to the manufacturing countries and later on it will be available globally.

With the virus mutating constantly from the initial strain to current deadly one, we should be smart and sanitize regularly to keep away from any and all threats to our health.

It’s not just COVID

Our homes and offices are usually swamped with bacterias, insects and viruses. According to a report a regular sanitization service in Dubai can  reduce medical bills by upto 50%. Using gloves, masks, sanitizers and protective eyewear are said to have similar effects. But as we have seen it repeatedly, it is extremely difficult to keep wearing masks throughout the day in the house. The solution to this problem is a regular disinfection service.

How frequent should we sanitize?

Different medical professionals have different opinions when it comes to frequency of the sanitization of your home or office. There is merit when they say you should do disinfection services on weekly or monthly basis.

The advantage of sanitization services on a weekly basis is that your surfaces are healthier and people are more productive. Therefore it is important for work places and common areas because of regular movement of individuals around the surroundings. When it comes to offices, a weekly cleaning works wonders for the overall safety of the surrounding environment.  

If you live in a residential unit, it is ideal to get a monthly sanitization services because it’s always you in the house but to make to a monthly sanitization service you need to wash your hands and keep all surfaces clean.

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