June 24, 2020

BEWARE: This 15/hour cleaning service might be a pathway for COVID-19 into your home!

With the COVID-19 slowing down and businesses opening up, we have noticed multiple cleaning providers offering irrational prices (15/hr) to steal clients from each other. If these companies focused more on the quality of their service delivery they wouldnt have to compete so heavily on price.

Amidst all this, we want to keep our customers informed about the risks associated with using home cleaning service from companies with questionable quality and pricing strategy. As one of the few DED licensed companies to deliver disinfection and sanitization services, Whitespot ensures all of our staff are trained to follow preventive virus spread protocolos.


These cleaning companies don’t have their own cleaners; they rely on cleaners from third-party companies to reach their clients requirements. Many of the times, they are not even aware of what company is following Dubai Municipality SOPs or not. Therefore, there is a high chance that their cleaners might be carriers.


Since these companies use third party cleaners to accommodate their clients, there is a high chance that they are unregistered. These cleaning companies rely on their partners to provide all documentation for the cleaners hence the risk that they might be unregistered. In the UAE, it is illegal employ unregistered workers.

Many of the cleaners these 3rd party partners do not have an employment visa or any insurance coverage. They might be working under the government regulation that all visas past march are valid till 31st Dec 2020. And this is a problem, you as a client will not know for sure if your home is protected from unregistered cleaners.


Furthermore, many of the cleaners live under miserable conditions which directly affect their hygiene and in-turn you and your family’s health. These 3rd party partners keep their cleaners in heavily congested rooms which are miserable and unhygienic. As per WHO, 1 person can transmit Coronavirus to 3.58 persons, therefore, increasing the probability of infection.

At Whitespot, we hold our staff and client welfare with the highest regard following guidelines of Dubai Health Authority. Read our blog about how we ensure quality service alongside adhering to Dubai Health Authority prevention protocols here. If you need a home cleaning service, we provide professional and hygienic maids in dubai for as low as 30/hour. If you live in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai Marina, Business Bay or Damac Hills, we can provide you will special rates.

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