June 22, 2023

Disinfection and Sanitization beyond COVID Vaccine in Dubai

2020 has been transformative for anyone and everyone. Whether you want to label it as tough, dangerous, draining or any other adjective, it up to you to address it however you want. But towards the end of 2020, there were 2 vaccines announced by the Pfizer and Gamaleya which is easily the best news you would hear all year.

This blog is to address the misconception that since the vaccine is out it is not important to disinfect or sanitize your home regularly. As Whitespot, we are gravely concerned about this false understanding and we would like to invalidate it with the following arguments:

1. It’s not only COVID-19

We tend to forget that there are 100s of diseases that can affect you and your loved ones. A good home sanitization service can keep you safe from several harmful diseases. For example, you can easily get the flu during the winter season which can lead to pneumonia and other extreme conditions specially for those whose immune systems are compromised. A home sanitization service in dubai can save the life of your loved ones.

2. Avoid cross infection

 If someone from your immediate vicinity has been infected with COVID-19, it should be legally required to disinfect and sanitize your home or office or restaurant. The Novel Coronavirus spreads extremely fast and it survives in conditions normal viruses wouldn’t be able to survive. Therefore, it is pertinent that you get a sanitization service in dubai.

3. Remove stress and anxiousness

When someone in your home infected and you don’t get it sanitized; it always remains in your head if you might catch it. Call Whitespot at 800972 to book a disinfection service in dubai and enjoy your time worry free.

Vaccine distribution is at full speed all over Dubai and UAE even then it is best if we keep our homes and workplaces sanitised and disinfected on regular basis. A disinfection service in Dubai can save lives. You can also book a home cleaning service, deep cleaning dubai, move in cleaning, pool cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning and maids in dubai. Call us now at 800972!

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