September 1, 2023

Getting a trustworthy maid in dubai is tough, Here is why whitespot excels.

Keeping your home clean and tidy is not among the 10 most important tasks in our everyday lives. That’s not a blanket statement; it is an editorial by Time Magazine. But even though it is not the most important daily tasks it takes a lot of our time and energy. According to the NYPost, an average individual spends around 6 hours a week cleaning up after himself/herself. If it is a family with children, this number goes up significantly.

With both parents working to sustain a family the role of maids has become even more critical as for a typical family a part time or full time maid is essentially part of the family. The maid takes care of the kids, makes sure the home is tidy and clean, and does the laundry and ironing alongside all household chores. In some cases, she also does the cooking for the family. With such an important role, every family is rightfully skeptical when hiring a maids service in dubai.

The foundation of Whitespot is the core value of client satisfaction while providing highest standards through our staff. In order to achieve this goal, Whitespot has adopted serious processes and quality measures in all our services including providing part time maids in dubai.

Scrutiny and Personality analysis:

Before giving a contract to any staff, our cleaners go through intense screening process in our Damac Executive Heights office. After that our management provides them with personality questionnaires and based on them we finalize our hiring process.

Trainings and Certifications:

Post hiring at Whitespot we arrange for our cleaners and maids to be trained by internationally acclaimed trainers who along with teaching processes, the trainer also focus on improving behavior, loyalty and trustworthiness. They are trained to complete all household chores including cleaning, laundry, ironing etc.

Mock Bookings:

Once Whitespot cleaners are trained, we randomly send them on mock bookings where they have to clean the place and they have to execute all cleaning activities with and without supervision. They are rated in accordance to their performances and only successful maids are sent for a regular cleaning service in dubai.

Post Cleaning Feedback

At Whitespot, we put a lot of effort in getting feedback for each booking. Each customer service representative calls their allocated bookings list to get feedback from the client. This ranges from collecting feedback on the attitude, pace, delivery and rating. Based on clients feedback, our cleaners in dubai are rewarded or send for a review.

Monthly and Quarterly Reviews

At Whitespot, we dedicate time to review performances on monthly and quarterly basis and our maids service is compared with our services in terms of performance. All teams are accessed based set KPI and we reward the best performers while identifying areas of improvements for the rest.

In the end, Whitespot maid services in dubai is designed for your family’s convenience and well being. Alongside we also provide professional home cleaning service, sanitization service, disinfection service dubai, deep cleaning dubai and other home services for residents in Dubai. You can easily make a booking by calling at on our toll free landline at 800972!

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