January 30, 2020

How to Deep Clean your living room?

Most families spend more of their time together watching TV, movies, playing board, petting animals, all of this happening in the living room. It is like a centre of all activity for the family. Hence it is essential to deep clean your living room specifically atleast once every month. If you live in an apartment or a villa, deep cleaning your living room can come with its share of challenges.

Here are a few essentials of deep cleaning your living room:


If you live in an apartment, you will have limited space available to accommodate a lot of furniture so in order to deep clean you need to scrub the floor very carefully. If there are carpets on the floor you need to mindful of those.


After you are done with the floors, you need to wax or polish the furniture so they remain as good as new. The scratches and broken edges always need to be addressed and the only way to do that is to polish the furniture if they are wooden.

Vacuuming Couches:

It’s very important to vacuum the sofas, couches, chairs, bean bags etc. When there are children in the house; spills are a usual occurrence. So vacuuming or shampooing the couches frequently.

Pillows and Blankets:

Replace or throw away old pillow covers and blankets. This is also essential because post deep cleaning services you would want to have that fresh feeling in your home.


If you live in a villa, getting your living deep cleaned includes the garden as well. You will have to follow the above steps and add pressure washing of the bricks so all grout and clutter is removed by force.

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