July 23, 2020

Importance of Move-in Disinfection Service in Dubai

With rental prices dropping, many families and individuals are considering moving to new homes. Considering the ongoing pandemic, move in disinfection has never been as important.

In this blog, we will highlight the importance of move in disinfection.

Residential Disinfection Service

Lurking risks:

In a city like Dubai, where the majority of residents are rented, it is almost impossible to be sure that the people who lived in the property beforehand where not infected with the virus. Therefore, the risk of contracting is higher if you don’t have your new home disinfected prior to moving in.

New beginnings:

When you move in to a new house, you have your ideal vision of the place. The standard “move in clean” is longer enough and it is now recommended to have a disinfection service also before starting to set your new home up for you and your family.

Safe and Healthy:

With the COVID pandemic affecting everyone around the world, it is highly recommended to disinfect your soon-to-be home before you move in. It is imperative during times like these to be caution and remain safe and healthy by taking the necessary preventative actions by getting a home disinfection service on regular basis.

Worry-free Atmosphere:

Moving in to a new place is always a lot of work, i.e. adjusting the furniture, installing wifi, building the wardrobes, setting up the bathrooms etc. If you get your home disinfected before you move, you move in to the place worry-free and focus on getting your home as you want it.

Office Disinfection Service

Since COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE government officially announced opening up the offices in July 2020. As per government regulations, it is essential to disinfect your office space before reopening it. Many companies during this period have moved their offices to new places to reduce their operational costs.

To ensure safety of your customers and employees, it is extremely critical to have an office disinfection service at least once a week.

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