August 19, 2020

Why schools need regular pest control services?

Children are innocent, they play, they fight, they make up, and they fight again. They are always on the move and it is almost impossible to keep them restricted, especially when you are trying to educate them at school or home. There are so many children, from so many backgrounds trying to get educated. The main problem that has been recently identified is pests including bed bugs, roaches, rodents, etc. Though there are multiple regulations in place from Dubai Municipality but even than pests always make their way.

Here are a few reason we think it’s become an increased problem in educational organizations.

Messy kids

Kids are adults in training, so they can be extremely messy and they are allowed to be. Kids aren’t trained to go to the toilet or feed themselves or use toys the way they are supposed to be used. Its easy for classroom to get infested with roaches, bed bugs and ants with all the edibles and non edibles falling on the floor.

Easy transmission

Kids are easy targets when it comes to transmittable bacteria, viruses and pests. Before you know it they would have spread pests across a wide range of homes. During COVID-19, there were special measures taken to ensure that all schools were closed to make sure the Coronavirus doesn’t transmit as rapidly.

Ineffective cleanliness protocols

Although Dubai Municipality has really tough regulations to protect and safeguard schools, it is ultimately performed by in-house school cleaning staff that can be careless or negligent. Proper schedules, materials and equipment are essential to provide a proper school cleaning or a pest control.

Unorganized pest control service

Many schools and educational institutes book a bi-weekly pest control service in dubai. But many service providers lack proper training, certification and staff to conduct a professional fumigation service in dubai. Many lack basic equipment to remove bed bugs.

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