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What is included in a House Cleaning Service in Dubai?

If you wish to define a typical house cleaning service, you could say that it is a home-based service that involves action or process of cleaning the inside of house or flat. House cleaning is very popular with expatriates and foreigners in Dubai and maids are almost always in demand. There are many services that are offered by Whitespot alongside house cleaning service in Dubai, which includes deep cleaning, disinfection service, pool cleaning & maintenance, handyman services and landscaping. As the city of Dubai grows and flourishes and everyone is busier than ever, it is vital to have a house cleaning service available at all times of the year. Domestic house cleaning in Dubai starts as early as 8 in the morning and end the day by around 10 in the evening.

Price of House Cleaning Service

Since our inception in 2017, House Cleaning service has been our most popular service. Another one of the most popular services is the deep cleaning service where we don’t just clean the house; we scrubbed, dusted, wiped and each cupboard is cleaned from the inside. The cost of deep cleaning service typically starts at AED 249.

However, a house cleaning service starts at AED 30/hour which doesn’t include cleaning materials. This service includes wiping all surfaces, removing dust from cabinets and bathrooms to cupboards and balconies. Our maid makes your home as fresh as new.

How does the process work?

A typical house cleaning service in Dubai requires its staff to complete the task of cleaning up the living room which includes dusting and wiping the TV station, dining table and vacuuming the carpet and the floors. Next is the kitchen, we wipe all surfaces with powerful chemicals and detergents. Alongside that we scrub the sink properly and wash dishes if any. The kitchen is a sensitive place as it is used by the families to cook their food.

Another task during a house cleaning service in Dubai is cleaning up the bedroom/s. If you have linens we can replace linens for you. We wipe all surfaces like tables, cabinets etc and after that we vacuum and wipe the floor with chemicals. Apart from that we wipe all corners of windows and doors to ensure everything is sparkling. Regular cleaning of the bedroom is necessary since it’s your resting area. Just to let you know, all our employees are required to wear masks and gloves and they are temperature checked in the morning and in the evening.

House cleaning is not all about cleanliness alone. It is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the house as well along with the maintenance of the house. The residents and the visitors must be kept safe by using appropriate safety equipment and precautions while coming inside the house. Your well being is vital for us at Whitespot Cleaning. We ensure that you and your family are healthy and well. Our house keeping service was design to just do that.

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