Maids in Dubai Marina

Maids in Dubai Marina

Doing a full-time job or managing a whole business makes it difficult to do home chores. Dubai's lifestyle is fast, busy and modern. It’s not like Asian countries where house help is easily available. You need to wait for weekends to do long-pending home chores but there is an easy solution to it: Get Maids service in Dubai and focus on other tasks!

If you are living in Dubai, you know the struggle of finding a good, reliable cleaning company that can not only comply with your requirements but also leaves your place with a neat and tidy service. The problem also arises when the homeowners have to find cleaners in Dubai! So, what can you do to save your time and money?

Whitespot Cleaning have been working in UAE for a very long time. We provide you the facility to get professional maids in Dubai Marina! All you have to do is make a list of your home cleaning requirements, tell us the location of your place and you will get a call from our representative. The next thing you will experience is a professional cleaning service at your doorstep.

Whitespot Cleaning provide a variety of cleaning services in Dubai Marina. You can also checkout home cleaning services in JVC. We offer different residential and commercial cleaning services in UAE out of which a few are given below:

Home Cleaning Service

It doesn’t matter if you have a studio, apartment or a condo to live in; with Whitespot Cleaning, your home cleaning worries are easily eradicated. Our cleaning services will help you do a full-on home cleaning at your place. From cleaning the floor, roof, carpet, sofas, toilets, washrooms, lights, kitchens, bedrooms, lounge, patio, or garage, our maids will prove out to be professional and experienced. 

Deep Cleaning

When it comes to the deep cleaning of a home, the Whitespot Cleaning is your place. Our deep cleaners are highly professional and have all the tools and equipment to make your place a new one. Even if you are moving to a new place and you want your current place to be deep cleaned, you can call us and we will reach you immediately!

From carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, wardrobe cleaning, roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning, pool cleaning, floor cleaning, mopping, furniture cleaning, painting, to maintenance and repair issues, we got your back!

Sofa Cleaning

Sofa cleaning is a hard thing to do and becomes difficult when it comes to stains and cat hairs. With Whitespot Cleaning, you can get the best sofa cleaning service at your doorstep. We will ensure that your sofa is deep cleaned and all the stains, dust particles, pet hairs, and bugs are removed thoroughly.

Even if you have a delicate or antique sofa set, we will be assisting with special care to keep the dignity of your antique as it is.

Give us a call at 042100401 to get best rates on Sofa Cleaning in Dubai.

Mattress Cleaning

You know it is real when they wish “keep away from the bed bugs”. Our mattress cleaning service will make your mattress bug free. The mattress will be deep cleaning with a vacuum so that every dust particle is removed from it. If your mattress requires a mattress cover washing and drying, it will also be done depending upon what do you need with the service.

Carpet Cleaning

The most difficult task when it comes to home cleaning is carpet cleaning! If you have a vacuum, you are lucky to make it clean occasionally but if something spills on the carpet leaving it all stained and stinky, that’s where things get messed up. You need professional home cleaning services to help you with your carpet issues.

Through Whitespot Cleaning, you will get professional carpet cleaning service in Dubai. Your carpet will be left all clean, tidy and stainless after the job has been performed.

Maid Service

Mothers who are stay-at-home or a full-time employee always need some extra help when it comes to kids at home. A home with kids always gets messy no matter how much you try to keep it clean. Whitespot Cleaning provide part-time maid service in Dubai Marina for your ease and peace at mind!

With our maid service, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your home, dishwashing, doing laundry or even cooking meals! Our expert cleaners will help you in your home chores and give you enough time to focus on other tasks.

Call us now to book maid service in Dubai!

Move-in Cleaning

If you are planning to move in to a new place and need help to make the new place look like home, you have to call us and get some extra help. Our expert moving cleaners will go to your place and do a deep cleaning process to make the place a clean tidy area for you.

The service also includes a deep move-in cleaning of the place you are leaving behind as per the tenant rules, so, with Whitespot Cleaning all your cleaning worries stay with us!

Corporate cleaning

Whitespot Cleaning are not only expert in residential cleaning but have an immense experience on corporate cleaning as well. Our cleaners in Dubai are a pro in:

If you have a commercial place and things are getting out of your hands, you know that your go to person for commercial cleaning is Whitespot Cleaning. Our corporate cleaning services will amaze you to the point that you’ll always be coming back to us!

Why do you need to hire our cleaners?

  • Cleaners are hired with a complete background check unlike other cleaning service providers.
  • You can hire our professional maids on hourly or part-time basis.
  • Our cleaners are highly experienced in making your home clean and tidy.
  • Our cleaners know to use all cleaning equipment like a pro.
  • Our cleaners complete the job quickly to save your time, however, if you want to hire a cleaner for a longer duration you can tell us in advance.
  • Our Dubai Maids maid services are affordable, reliable and trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about your security.
  • We keep track of every cleaner and client in case a dispute is filed.
  • We have thousands of UAE residents who are continuously hiring our cleaning services due to the professional, friendly and up to mark cleaning services we provide.

Whitespot Cleaning have made lives easier when it comes to maid service in Dubai Marina. You can get cleaner help in any of your home chores without the fear of having a totally strange person in your home.

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