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Since November 2019, it has been clear that the COVID pandemic has had a significant impact on global economies, relationships, and the overall dynamics of our lives. In March 2020, new SOPs were implemented to protect citizens. As a result, the Dubai government directed all companies to disinfect their work places before reopening in July 2020. Therefore, as a cleaning company, Whitespot played its part by providing a customized service following government guidelines to sanitize and disinfect offices, public restaurants, residential and commercial units, industrial complexes—and more. Since then our team has worked day and night to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy.

Our Sterilization Process

Following Standard Operating Procedures, we prepare Personal Protective Equipment, which include overalls, gloves, eye wear, and secure shoes among other preparations. We then prepare our fogger machines with disinfectant chemicals which are approved by the Department of Agriculture and are child and pet friendly. We sterilize all surfaces with fogging machine and neutralizing disinfectant. After completing that task, we use a different chemical to wipe all surfaces and clean up the residue past fogging. Once all surfaces are wiped, we complete a cleaning service to conclude the process.

Advantages of Disinfection

Apart from its use in the treatment of pandemics, regular disinfection is a sound practice for ensuring that your loved ones are healthy and safe. You can avoid paying high medical bills if your family is secure and healthy. Our sanitization service in Mira can make your home, office, restaurant be secure to conduct day-to-day business.

Areas we have serviced

We have successfully provided disinfection services in Mira, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Mira, Akoya Oxygen and Business Bay.

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