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Deep Cleaning Services in Mudon

The Dubai Heat seriously affects the condition of your apartment. Dirt can gather in your home, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Deep cleaning goes beyond regular home cleaning and leaves your apartment spotless. Whitespot Cleaning recommends deep cleaning at least once a month to keep your home in good condition; our vetted professionals provide good Deep Cleaning with equipment.

Why choose Deep Cleaning Mudon ahead of Normal Home Cleaning ?

Whitespot offers two cleaning services: regular cleaning and deep cleaning. A regular cleaning service will clean the areas and surfaces that you are in daily contact with, using regular cleaning equipment like mops and brooms. A deep cleaning service, on the other hand, will be much more comprehensive. A cleaning team will arrive to make sure that insides of cabinets, ovens, AC vents, ceiling fans etc are clean. Your balcony and lawn furniture will also be dusted and wiped down.

The perfect move in/out clean!

Many of our customers opt to use our deep cleaning services in Mudon when they move. Our comprehensive cleaning can ensure a clean handover of your old property to the landlord or new owner. For your new property, our cleaning will remove any dirt left behind by its previous tenants. Less stress, no mess!

How much does it cost?

The cost of our services varies depending on the size of the home and can start at AED 349 for a studio apartment deep cleaning. We can steam clean and clean the grout in your bathroom tiles, but this service needs to be scheduled ahead of time with Whitespot Cleaning. For Villa Deep Cleaning, prices begin at AED 599 for a one-bedroom unit.

Perfect for families

Whether you are a singleton, couple or a big family, deep cleaning your home is the perfect way to ensure that your home environment is thoroughly extradited of dirt, dust and mold and remains a safe and comfortable space for the entire family. If you have kids and are worried about using chemicals to sanitize the home, then deep cleaning Mudon is the answer. You can even ask Whitespot to sanitize baby cribs and toys using steam cleaning equipment.

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