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Home Disinfection Service in Remraam

Surface disinfection and sanitization are effective ways to prevent the Coronavirus.

We recommend getting your home surfaces disinfected and sanitized. Whitespot Cleaning's limited time home disinfection and sanitization service in Remraam is designed to remove all bacterial and viral germs from the surfaces of your home.

Potent Steam Cleaning Machines:

Our professional cleaning staff will clean your home using steam cleaners, which are extremely powerful machines that remove all dust and grout.

Powerful Air Neutralizers and Air Purifiers:

Company representatives are trained to use air-cleaning machines to clear out odors and airborne diseases from homes. The viral disease COVID-19 requires that you use powerful air purifiers if someone who has contracted the virus sneezes in your home.

Industry-grade Surface Disinfector:

Whitespot uses an industry-standard surface disinfectant to maximize the elimination of bacteria and sanitize all surfaces in your home in Remraam.

Disinfecting Wet Wipes:

We use certified disinfecting wet wipes to ensure that our clinic remains completely free of bacteria after disinfecting.

Bacteria Killing Sanitizer:

For this Coronavirus prevention service, we sanitize all of your home's surfaces with a special bacteria-killing agent. Our dedicated cleaners will then use this powerful chemical to eradicate all harmful germs and bacteria.

What’s the price for this service?

The base price for our service is AED 210. However, the cost varies depending on the size of your apartment and the amount of surface area that needs to be covered.

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