Cleaning Services Dubai

Cleaning Services Dubai

Cleaning Services Dubai

At Whitespot, we are proud to provide a wide array of services for our esteemed clients. Ever since inception, the name Whitespot has become synonymous with high quality cleaning service. Since 2017, our priority has always been to provide all required services to our clients. Over time we have added 7 new services which are under the cleaning services umbrella. This page is dedicated to all the cleaning services in Dubai provided by us.

Home Cleaning Services

Often referred as home cleaning service or house cleaning service, this service is currently only available for Dubai Residents. We at Whitespot plan to extend it to other emirates in the UAE very soon. Home cleaning service is when your apartment or villa requires a cleaning and Whitespot sends specially trained staff to do this. Each service is considered a job and a cleaner/s is assigned to every job, that way if someone requires a regular cleaning service in Dubai they can choose their preferred cleaner.

Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning is a specialized service where our team will come to your apartment or villa with powerful equipment and remove grout and dirt that might have seeped into difficult corners of your home. We have a specially trained team to complete Deep cleaning Dubai jobs. They are always ready at a moment’s notice. Our customers love our deep cleaning service and we have monthly, quarterly and yearly recurring deep cleaning schedules.

Maids in Dubai

There is always the option to hire full time maids dedicated to your home but there is a lot of pre-requisites before this option realizes. The documentation required to get the visa of the maid is very extensive process. Therefore it is always advised to hire maids in dubai on part time basis instead of full time basis. Our Filipina maids are qualified and trained to do cleaning, ironing, laundry and other household chores.

Pool Cleaning Service

Whitespot team provides a thorough and professional pool cleaning service which is second to none. We use powerful and potent equipment to clean up your pool and remove all algae and bacteria.

AC Cleaning Service

Recently introduced AC Duct and Coil cleaning services is a high in demand service which ensures the longevity of the AC in your home. A typical AC can accumulate harmful mold and bacteria which apart from being unhealthy can create a very bad sting in your house. An AC Duct cleaning service is the answer. Our team comes to your home in Dubai with professional equipment and training to clean and all AC Ducts. When it comes to AC Coil cleaning, the main indication is the humidity and stuffiness in the air. Once you get a AC Coil Cleaning service in Dubai, it is confirmed that you will not face any problems with your Air conditioner.

Carpet Cleaning Services

A dirty carpet can be a source of embarrassment in front of friends and family. We understand its not easy to maintain a carpet as accidents are bound to happen. At Whitespot, we provide carpet cleaning, carpet vacuuming and carpet shampooing service in Dubai. Our team of expert carpet cleaners can rid your carpet stains easily.

Sofa Cleaning Service

Whitespot we provide reasonable priced sofa cleaning services in dubai. We have specialists who provide have cleaned 1000+ sofas in Dubai. We have custom designed equipment to clean up your sofa instantly.

Apart from the above we have re-calibrated our home cleaning service, maids in dubai, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning alongside introducing maintenance services such electrician, plumber, carpenter, mason, painter and generic handyman services. You can call us between 9am to 7pm - 7 days a week. Call us at 800972 to book now!

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