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Coronavirus Preventions Dubai

Prevention of Coronavirus through Surface Disinfection and Sanitization

Also known as COVID-19, the Coronavirus outbreak has caught everyone in Dubai by surprise.  With 27 people already infected in the UAE, we recommend getting your home surfaces disinfected and sanitized. According to latest research Coronavirus can live on a surface up to nine days, which is two to three times longer than the standard flu.

With Whitespot Cleaning, you get complete disinfection and sanitization of your home with high focus on surfaces and floors. Our limited time home disinfection and sanitization service is designed to remove all bacterial and viral germs from the surfaces of your home.

How we can help in prevention of Coronavirus in Dubai?

According to WHO, the best to prevent yourself and your family from COVID-19 is through washing hands regularly with any disinfectant. Furthermore, it is always advisable to get your home surfaces disinfected.

Due to constant demand of our regular customers, we have devised a process through which we can help disinfect your home from all harmful bacteria.

Potent Steam Cleaning Machines:

We use extremely powerful steam cleaning machines to disinfect your home and clean up all dust and grout which might be coming from the pollution's outside.

Powerful Air Neutralizers and Air Purifiers:

Our teams are trained to use Air Neutralizers and Air Purifiers to clear out all odors and airborne diseases from your home. With COVID-19, it is extremely vital if someone who has the viral disease sneezes in your home, you have to use powerful air neutralizers to sanitize.

Industry-grade Surface Disinfector:

Whitespot uses industry-grade surface disinfector to maximize the bacterial elimination and sanitization of your all surfaces of your home.

Disinfecting Wet Wipes:

We use certified disinfecting wet wipes to make sure even after the disinfection is completed there are no left over bacteria through the hands of the staff.

Bacteria Killing Sanitizer:

For this Coronavirus prevention service we use special bacteria killing sanitizers on all the surfaces of your home. Our dedicated cleaners will use this powerful chemical to eradicate all harmful germs and bacteria.

Fog Creator:

Research suggests that the COVID-19 cannot stand heat for more then 2-3 hours. Therefore, as a matter of process, we have identified that using a Fog creator will be very effective.

Why we created this special service?

Our regular clients demanded that we introduce a disinfection and sanitization service and to provide peace of mind to our esteemed clients and public health and safety, we created this COVID-19 prevention through surface disinfection service.

What’s the next step?

All you have to do is click on the button below, fill up your information and send it to us. One of customer service agents will call you and schedule the service for your home.

What’s the price for this service?

The base price for this service is AED 210 but it varies depending on how big your apartment is and how much surface area that needs to be covered.

You can also book a home cleaning service or a deep cleaning service in dubai. Call us now at 800972!

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