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As residents of Dubai, we all live very busy lives per our schedules while looking after families, hanging out with friends and spending time loved ones. In between we encounter problems like a broken window or a leaking pipe which take up a lot of time to fix and completely ruins our schedule. Desperation makes us try attempt fixing complex problems ourselves and if despite several attempts we aren’t able to fix it ourselves, it is always better to hire a handyman to fix our homes.

At Whitespot, we provide professional handyman services in dubai. Our service ensures timely task completion with very specific training and skill level matching your requirements.

DIY is over rated

They say you can do everything yourself. That is a false statement. We cannot do many things by ourselves. If you break a tap on your sink, it is not possible to fix it without proper tools and past experience. It’s always better to get it done right when it comes to things in your home because if it’s not; you might end up paying a huge price.

Different types of handyman

Since there are several types within your home there are different types of handyman services that you can hire.


Breaking your sink, removing dirt from the pipes, installing new bathroom or kitchen gadgets or anything that needs to be installed in your washroom or kitchen, a plumber will be able to fix the problem. In a regular Dubai home, there are always plumbing issues that need to be resolved; you can always hire a professional plumber in dubai with Whitespot. You can book a plumbing service in dubai as part of our plumbing handyman service.


If the circuit breaker in your main electricity frame is tripping constantly and you are not able to figure out why; hire our electricians who are trained and technically skilled to fix all electrician related issues in your apartment or villa. We have also worked on multiple commercial and residential projects on electrical work and our electricians have come out with flying colors. Our electricians in dubai are always ready of emergency callouts and we are always ready to solve all major and minor electrical work in your apartment or villa.

AC Cleaning & Maintenance:

It’s almost impossible to survive the Dubai heat without an air conditioner and it becomes extremely stressful if it stops working for whatever reason. Air conditioners can stop work for a range of problems within its machinery. It could be the AC Duct, molds and bacteria, the machine might need gas refueling or maintenance. So it is very important to hire a professional ac duct cleaning in dubai and for that you can hire a ac cleaning specialist. At Whitespot, our team is trained and certified for AC Cleaning, AC Duct Cleaning and AC Maintenance and we have successfully completed 10000+ jobs in Dubai.

General Handyman:

A general handyman is an expert in fixing minor problems all over the house. It can be putting up new curtains, a new TV, new home theater or fixing up a bulb, a broken tile etc etc. Whitespot handyman is one who is experienced in fixing multiple things within your home. Specially our handyman services in Dubai are rated very highly by our clients.

Apart from this, for Dubai residents we also provide home cleaning services, maids service, deep cleaning dubai, pest control, handyman services, maintenance services, pool cleaning and much more! Call us at 800972 to book now! Our main service areas include Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Jumeirah Village Circle, Jumeirah Village Triangle,

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