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Home Cleaning Dubai

Home cleaning services dubai

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Your home is your Shangri-la, the place where you find peace! Whitespot Cleaning can help you maintain it.

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The Above rating is based 1000+ customer feedback.

Why our house cleaning services in Dubai is loved by our clients?

✓ Convenience: Our booking process is just 3 steps (2 if you are already registered). You can easily book through our website or our app in 2-3 easy steps.
✓ Confirmed delivery: If you have a request for a monthly or weekly schedule for cleaning or have a favourite cleaner, we can provide these to you instantly.
✓ Hotel standard cleaning: All our cleaners are trained to perform hotel standard cleaning services in Dubai. This is a very specialized set of skills which none of our competitors can claim.
✓ Experienced staff: Most of our cleaners have worked with us for more than 2 years and they come to clean your home with professional experience and training.

What do you get in Home cleaning service in Dubai:

For our home cleaning services, you get the below every time:

✓ Dusting of all parts of the home
✓ Mopping of the floor
✓ Carpet vacuuming
✓ Cleaning kitchen cupboards inside and outside
✓ Folding clothes
✓ And much much more

Worried about the expense of working with various housekeepers?

We offer these services on recurring basis as well, choose from hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly contracts. This without a doubt will decrease the expense of running and keeping up individual housekeepers, as you won't have to stress over visa costs, settlement costs, transport costs, or other expenses.

So let our trained professional and efficient housekeepers ensure your premises always remain welcoming to all your discerning guests.

Book our hotel standard cleaning services in one click or call us today to know more about our professional housekeeping services.


Whitespot provides professional and trained cleaners who have experience in cleaning, laundry, ironing and other household chores. We have defined processes, operational structure for each home type and monitor our extensively before they are sent out for a cleaning service in Dubai.

Our team prides itself on providing highest standards of service and customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with a cleaning service, you can have the next service free of cost on us. Client satisfaction is of vital importance for us.

Call us now on +971 50 802 3885 to avail exciting offers.


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