Maids in Dubai

Maids in Dubai
Maids Service Dubai

At Whitespot Cleaning, we provide part time maid service in Dubai, UAE. All ours maids go through a very extensive training programs, certification programs and proficiency tests on regular basis. Therefore, we can promise the below.

All our maids in dubai are:

Hotel Standard Cleaning Staff: All Maids are trained to serve 5 star and 7 star hotels, so you can be sure that they will provide the highest standard of service.

All English Speaking Staff: All our maids are native or second language English speakers and the one’s with accents are trained with accent neutralizing techniques so you get to communicate with your cleaner in Dubai with ease.

Trained and Certified Maids: Whitespot training program is one of the toughest to get through as we ensure that our maids in Dubai are ready to face all challenges. The maids go through Over 200 Bedroom cleaning techniques, Over 20 bathroom cleaning techniques, over 20 Living Room cleaning techniques and over 5 safety and security guidelines.

In-person Interviewed Cleaners: Each maid is carefully vetted through layered selection and interview processes. Maids are selected based on attitude, hygiene and workload capacity alongside cleaning standard rankings developed specifically to ensure quality of maids service in Dubai

Detailed Screenings: Every cleaner goes through a detailed screening process where we do identity verification and background checks. Every maid is vetted thoroughly before we decide on hiring them for Whitespot Cleaning Company.

Responsible & Trustworthy: Since the inception of our cleaning company in Dubai in 2017, our customers adore our maids and cleaners as with our maid service they always get responsible, reliable and trustworthy staff.

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