Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning Dubai
Post Construction Cleaning Dubai

Post Construction Cleaning Dubai

At the end of every construction project, there is a huge task of cleaning before a resident can take possession due to debris and dust left behind. Hence it is vital to perform post-construction cleaning before handover. So are you near the end of construction work and worried about all the cleaning you will need to do? Well don’t worry, we have you covered!

Whitespot is the professional cleaning company in Dubai that deploys well-trained cleaners to ensure that all post-construction cleaning work is executed quickly and in accordance with the complied contractual service deliverables.

Our most priced corporate cleaning service is easily the Post Construction Cleaning that we provide for Office Spaces Cleaning, Residential Units, Villas, and Apartments etc. We pride ourselves with the highest standard of deep cleaning, with our very prestigious clients working using our services for more than 2 years. With the help of standard procedure, professional equipment, natural cleaning products, and well-trained staff, we provide spotless cleaning instantly.

This is how we do our post-construction cleaning service:

  • Cleaning of all construction debris including dust, caulking, paint overspray and adhesives.
  • Washing windows and windows sills from the inside thoroughly
  • Dusting mirrors, picture frames, light switches, door frames
  • Deep cleaning of all interior surfaces
  • Paint and stain removal
  • Removal of glue and stickers from glass and other surfaces
  • Remove smudges or fingerprints from the glass surfaces.
  • Floor cleaning and surfacing
  • Cleaning furniture
  • Hygienic cleaning of sanitary areas
  • Removal of odors
  • Move-in cleaning

However, we also offer commercial cleaning service according to your needs. Here at Whitespot we take extreme care to ensure that your newly constructed space is clean, safe and move-in ready. Make Whitespot cleaning as a partner for your next post-construction cleaning project and see the difference we can make. Call 800WSC for more info!

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