August 15, 2023

5 reasons why WhiteSpot cleaning service in Dubai stands out!

As of February 2021, you can find 60+ cleaning companies operating in dubai. The main concern for consumers is that it is very difficult to know which company is the best one. In this blog we identify what makes Whitespot cleaning service in Dubai stands out.

Easy to book

Whitespot booking process is designed with keeping user experience and ease in mind. Every step on the booking engine is measured and tested keeping ease in mind. At Whitespot, we aim to provide effortless booking process for a cleaning services dubai.

Professional Approach

Over the years, we have had several changes into our operations process to perfectly adhere to our client’s requirements and demands. Since 2019, we have built a custom-ISO approved-processes ensuring proper protocols are being followed and KPI are met. All our maids in dubai are tested, trained and certified for cleaning, ironing, laundry and other household chores!

Dubai Municipality Approved Equipment

Since inception, Whitespot cleaning company has abided by the law of the land and since majority of our operations is based in Dubai, the importance of Dubai municipality rules and regulations is of vital importance. Whitespot uses Municipality approved chemicals and machines only.

On Time Service

The biggest complain a cleaning service user has is that the maid is almost always late. The lack of planning, coordination, assessment, zoning and allocation ends up in the Filipina cleaner getting late. Since Whitespot has grown organically and solved most of the operational issues that all other cleaning companies face. We are happy to report that more than 85% of our maids in dubai are either early or on time at the clients door. This is unique to Whitespot and the result of years of process optimization and protocol implementations.

Regular Maids

Another unique aspect of Whitespot is the fact that if you sign a contract with us we can guarantee that you will get the same cleaner everytime. Even if you don’t sign a contract but book a confirmed weekly cleaning service with us we can assure you that you will get a regular cleaner of your liking.

Whitespot also provides quality deep cleaning service in dubai, alongside various maintenance options like painter, carpenter, plumber, ac duct cleaning and generic handyman in dubai. Call 800972 to book now!

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